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About Us

Assembly / Construction Services

Play Set / Swing Set 

Gazebo / Pergola

Deck / Balcony

Furniture Assembly 

Sports or Fitness / Outdoor Equipment 

Billiard / Pool Table

Outdoor Dog House  

And much more!

Installation Services

TV and Projector Wall/Ceiling Mounting 

In-ground Basketball Hoop

Roof Rack

Garage Door 

Glass Shower Door 

Wired/WiFi Network/Printer

Faucet / Garbage Disposal

Mail Box (Post or Wall)

And much more!

Repair / Replacement Services

Bicycle Mechanic

Computer Technician


Garage Door Specialist

 Shower Door Specialist

Interior/Exterior Light Fixture


And much more!

Landscaping Services

Lawn Care

Spring/Fall Clean-up

Lawn/Tree Trimming/Pruning

Weed Control/Removal

Snow Removal

Moving Services




Contractual Services

Plumbing / Electrician / HVAC

Constructor / Demolisher





Junk Remover

What makes us All-Pros?

Most of house/home/furniture’s foundation is never seen by the homeowner. This is where our company’s quality workmanship and integrity becomes important to you. All-Pro Contractors’ staff has the experience and confidence to handle all your needs, large or small / residential or commercial. Our trusted team of long standing relationships with talented, multifaceted staff is comprised of our success. All-Pro Contractors is more than just a standard American company. We have an awesome established platform and also have partnered with corporations all over the country. We cover a wide variety of professional services all over the United States, especially in its largest states and cities--including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Boston, and many others. We take pride in our team, which includes professional technicians, installers, movers, and high quality specialists with their respective licenses and experience. We provide a broad variety of labor so instead of doing it yourself, you can simply hire a professional to do it for you without a sweat! We will be your huckleberry for many services….and much more what we can do! 


          Our name simply says it all.. we have the best technicians/builders/movers/contractors. We carefully review our staff with a meticulous screening process. PROFESSIONALISM, EXPERIENCE and RELIABILITY are the traits that makes us a group of All-Pro Contractors. We emphasize customers’ satisfaction from the start to the end, which includes prior job inquiring, scheduling, and maximizing service quality. We are very successful because we work as a FAMILY. All-Pro Contractors has a very unique, friendly platform that includes troubleshooting live chats, workshops, and training. 


            PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you have ordered our services, but not the product and/or moving truck through us-- we DO NOT deliver the product to you. We, however, certainly can make a recommendation on brand, model, etc. Your third party takes care of the delivery and arrangements. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us either via email or call us.  We look forward to working with you!  

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